Thu. May 26th, 2022


Calgary police say they are working on some “strong investigative measures” as they investigate a series of random attacks in the city center on Friday.

In an update from the Calgary Police Service on Friday afternoon, officials said they are aware of four victims who were injured in the attacks.

“We continue to believe that these attacks were random and we have not identified a clear motive,” Supt said. Cliff O’Brien. “There is no common theme among the victims that investigators have reset at present.”

The first victim used an emergency button at Fourth Street CTrain Station to call for help around 3:15 p.m., saying he had been cut by a machete.

About 90 minutes later, another victim was found unconscious in a bus shelter on Sixth Avenue and First Street SW

The victims were taken to hospital in serious condition and in life-threatening condition, respectively. O’Brien said Friday afternoon that both men had surgery and remained in the hospital.

Also around noon. 4 police say a third victim was found in the 1000 block on Sixth Avenue SW. He said he had been knocked unconscious and woke up shortly afterwards.

Police say the man had minor injuries and did not need to be driven to the hospital.

The fourth victim was found at about the same time near the Peace Bridge. Police said he was taken to hospital with injuries to his hand but has since been released.

“There are still some victims that we still have to interview,” O’Brien said

The police investigation caused CTrain service in the city center to be disrupted for several hours.

O’Brien said the investigation was “dynamic” and a “resource-intensive time period” for the Calgary Police Service.

“During this incident, we had 21 patrol units, we had HAWCS, we had dog units as well as investigation units as well as surveillance units … all of which worked in a coordinated manner to try to locate the suspect,” O’Brien said.

“If an immediate public warning was needed for an extended period of time in relation to this incident, we would certainly have done everything possible to obtain this information.

“There are also legitimate questions that we are not publishing further details about the suspect. This was held back in an attempt that our officers across the city could get started and follow up on investigative questions that were on their way in and collect evidence from the multiple scenes and across multiple downtown blocks, ”O’Brien added.

“After the initial series of incidents, there were no further indications that further attacks had taken place, and it is assumed, based on the evidence, that the suspect had fled.”

Police are in the process of reviewing footage from CCTV.

Anyone with information about the attacks should call CPS ‘non-emergency line at 403-266-1234 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously.

“Our thoughts are with the victims and their families, and we hope they have fully recovered,” O’Brien said.

The intersection of Seventh Avenue and Third Street SW was closed to vehicles and pedestrians after a couple of attacks Friday morning sent two men to the hospital.


CTV Calgary spoke to several people living in the area of ​​the attack who say pockets of homeless people are being pushed out of the neighborhood and have nowhere to sleep.

“There is a lot of drinking and fighting and women are being attacked,” said Andie Wolf Leg. “You can hear them screaming and crying at night on the CT train when I go home.

“I come from the street, so I’m much calmer about it, but I do not feel safe. The police department must employ native psychiatric staff. ”

Wolf Leg adds that a police station should be brought back to the center in an attempt to prevent further violent incidents like this.

“I prefer that the police are on the street in the center, that there is a street station in the center. If all they have is transit police patrolling, it’s just not a deterrent anymore. ”

Others like Yuzhi Tian agree that the center needs better enforcement.

“Just in case something like this happens, we need first aiders here so they can come as soon as possible. It’s just really scary, because what if someone gets really hard hurt and dies? Said Tian.

Anthony Jacobs walked near the crime scene Friday morning. He told CTV News that he has never seen such extreme violence in Calgary during his 20 years living in the city.

“I think it is alarming. I do not blame anyone, but I must say that the city, the people, the community and the police must come together to find a solution, ”he said.

In response to calls for a police station in the center, O’Brien said such decisions “are not made by the police.”

“These are decisions made by the council and the police commission,” he said.

He said that even if Friday’s attack had taken place elsewhere in the city, the approach they used would have been the same.

The 21 patrol officers – we pulled them from all over the city to go into the center to help patrol personnel in District 1. We respond where we need to respond the way we need to respond, no matter what facility we is working out. “

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