Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Nokia is releasing yet another of its classic phones, this time 6310, mostly by being true to the original product with only minor improvements.

The old warhorse on a phone had a reputation for being tough and reliable, just like the 3310, and an entire generation grew up typing an SMS out on the keyboard’s keyboard buttons, usually without the class teacher seeing it.

Although the technology has come a long way in 20 years, the new 6310 remains largely true to the features of the old phone. There are no modern games, but you can play Snake. There is no fancy camera, only 0.3 megapixels.

Three Nokia 6310 phones in yellow, black and green show the back of the camera

However, there are some upgrades. It has access to FM radio channels and the screen is color now. The most important aspect that has been improved is the battery life which you can expect to last for several weeks.

In fact, maybe even longer, since in Australia you can not use this phone as a phone.

6310 shows GSM 900/1800 as its network frequencies, AKA 2G, which is obsolete in Australia. If Nokia were to release a 3G compatible version, then you could frolic in all your hipster glory. (Even then, telecommunications companies are removing 3G). But as it turns out, the new Nokia 6310 is only good for news purposes. It does not work as a telephone in this country.

Back in 2017, when Nokia brought back the famous imperishable 3310, we had the same problem. It only supported 2G and we were in the process of closing our 2G network (although there is now a 3G version), which meant that the most efficient use was to create Thor’s hammer.

Several Nokia 3310s are clamped together with a handle to create Thor's hammer

The 6310 supports Bluetooth, just like the original. Could you use some dark magic with it to be able to use it for calls? I personally do not see how, but if you do, I greet and support you.

It is also more advanced than some modern smartphones because it has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

You can expect the Nokia 6310 to sell for around $ 66 soon.

Nokia 2720 Flip phone in open mode

But if you want an old-fashioned Nokia feel with the ability to actually make calls, the Nokia 2720 Flip phone is available now for $ 129. It has the same benefits as above (including battery life) with additions of 4G, apps, Google Assistant and a 2MP camera.

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