Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Toronto-based smart lighting company Nanoleaf unveiled a new set of modular lamps called Nanoleaf Lines.

Unlike the company’s previous Shapes panels, lines are well, lines. They are about 28 cm long (just shy 11 inches) and the ends cut into hexagonal connectors. Each rod is made of white plastic and has a strip of RGBW LED light along the bottom of the rod that glows and reflects from the surface on which you mount the rods.

In addition, Nanoleaf says each column has a ‘dual color zone’ that lets users “paint with two colors at once.”

The lines come with 19 preset ‘scenes’, which contain seven rhythm scenes that respond to sound. However, people can use the Nanoleaf app to access multiple scenes or create their own. Additionally, Lines supports Nanoleaf’s ‘Screen Mirror’ feature, allowing users to synchronize the lines with colors on the screen.

Nanoleaf also says that Lines supports the Thread ecosystem and will act as Thread Border Routers for other Thread-enabled smart devices. Plus, Nanoleaf designed Lines with the Matter ecosystem in mind, and says Lines will work on it after a software update coming out next year.

Nanoleaf Lines will be available for pre-order from Nanoleaf’s website from 14 October. There will be a ‘Smarter Kit’ with everything you need to get started – it costs $ 279.99. You can also buy expansion packs that include three extra lines and associated connectors for $ 99.99, but it requires a smarter kit to work. Nanoleaf says the products will be shipped before the end of November.

If you are interested in learning more about Nanoleaf Lines, keep an eye out MobileSyrup for a review coming soon.

Photos credit: Nanoleaf

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