Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

It’s pretty common to find Vancouver at the top of global lists when it comes to viability or lack of affordable housing, but it’s just found its way to a list of the world’s most sexually liberal cities.

The ranking used a number of factors to determine which cities were the most sexually free, including how many gay bars and sex shops there were and how many LGBT and gay pride events took place.

It also looked at factors such as whether gay marriages were legal or not, and the state of gender rights in the respective cities.

The ranking, compiled by the German publication Lust Magazine, ranked 25 cities, and Vancouver pushed right into last place.

Whether cities were also involved anti-discrimination, which is illegal in Vancouver.

Sex work in Vancouver is listed as Neo-abolition, where PrEP is authorized in the city.

Lust points out that Vancouver is internationally known “for its liberalism and modern thinking and sexual freedom is very important in Vancouver.”

They further say that the way Vancouver handles prostitution is one of the reasons why it appears so low on the list.

“Prostitution is not officially allowed in Vancouver. As in Montreal and Toronto, the Neo-Abolitionist principle is applied, with the city seeking to achieve comprehensive containment of prostitution by incorporating a ban on the purchase of sex. ”

Vancouver was knocked out by other Canadian cities Toronto, which landed as 14-year-olds, and Montreal, which reached the top 10, in ninth place.

New York actually topped the list, thanks to the overwhelming freedom and opportunities offered in NYC, despite some restrictions on sex work.

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Lyst Mag

On why sexual freedom is so important, Lust suggests that gender positivity is a factor in the development of many areas of society.

“Because it says a lot about a society in general when minorities like the LGBTQI community or women are limited in their development opportunities. Such restrictions can be justified both by so-called traditional values ​​and also by political arguments. ”

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