Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Daughter of the late actor and comedian Robin Williams is aware of the viral video of an imitation of her father and will not see it again.

On Tuesday, actor Jamie Costa posted a five-minute video on his YouTube channel playing a scene of him as Williams learned of his Mork & Mindy costar Pam Dawber (played by Sarah Murphree) about his friend’s cartoon John Belushi.

Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda Williams
Zelda Williams is aware of the viral video of an imitation of her father and will not watch it again. (Getty)

Clipped, with the title ROBIN test recording scene, had many demands for a movie starring Costa, who played Williams, who died of suicide in 2014 after battling Lewy body dementia.

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Zelda Williams tweeted Tuesday “Guys, I’m only saying this because I do not think it will stop until I acknowledge it … please stop sending me the ‘test footage’.”

“I’ve seen it,” was the tweet. “Jamie is SUPER talented, this is not against him, but you spam me an impression of my late father on one of his saddest days is weird.”

Jamie Costa as Robin Williams on sets by Mork and Mindy. (Youtube)

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In 2014, she exit Twitter and Instagram some time after she was trolled in the wake of her father’s death, prompting Twitter to reconsider its user protection policies.

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