Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

DC Heroes and Villains is a new mobile game that will see enemies become unlikely allies as they try to stop the evil evil Trigon.

DC heroes and villains is the latest mobile game with the publisher’s expansive character list in the lead role.

The cinematic trailer shows the world’s greatest heroes and most sinister villains engaged in the chaos of the world. While in the midst of battle, the story confirms that enemies will have to become allies if they are to reject one of the greatest threats known to mankind: Trine. The original story begins when a mysterious energy removes all the forces of the earth’s defenders and forces them to work together to repel the darkness.

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DC Comics has not yet revealed any footage of the gameplay to Heroes and villains but confirmed, however, that the game is coming to mobile devices. Players can expect to experience a match-3 game as they swap jewels around to gather teammates and defeat bosses. DC heroes and villains will also include multiplayer in the form of PvP battles and Guild Raids that promise a lot of exclusive prizes and rewards in the game.

“We are extremely proud to announce our latest title, DC heroes and villains, ”Said Alex Thabet, CEO of Ludia, in a statement. “This game shows the best of Ludia with exciting gameplay and innovative technologies that are characteristic of our award-winning game. We believe this will give DC fans a whole new perspective on the characters, environments and testimonials they love. ”

The short teaser trailer did not include a release date for the title, but more information is likely to be released in the coming months. Fans who are interested in fighting back against Trigon can pre-register for the game now

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Source: DC Comics

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