Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

OTTAWA – Ottawa hospitals suspend unvaccinated staff, the mayor apologizes for interrupting a councilor’s microphone, and a bison gets its head caught in a car window at Parc Omega.

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Ottawa hospitals suspend non-vaccinated staff for violating COVID-19 policy

Two hundred unvaccinated employees at three Ottawa hospitals have been suspended for violating COVID-19 vaccination policies.

CHEO, Queensway Carleton Hospital and Bruyere Continuing Care gave employees until October 15 to receive two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and be fully vaccinated to help limit the spread of the virus.

On Friday, CHEO announced that 47 employees were placed on unpaid leave and could be fired in two weeks. A total of 99.3 percent of full-time employees and 97.6 percent of part-time and leisure staff are immunized at CHEO.

At Queensway Carleton Hospital, 37 employees will be placed on unpaid leave for breach of the vaccination mandate. The hospital at the western end of Ottawa announced Friday afternoon that 98 percent of staff are fully vaccinated and abide by the new staffing policy.

Bruyere Continuing Care has suspended 119 employees who have not been vaccinated. As of Friday, 91 percent of Bruyère’s 2,298 employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, while a further three percent of employees are “on their way” to be fully vaccinated in the coming days.


Highway 401 was closed in Kingston for 24 hours following a fatal multi-vehicle crash on Wednesday.

Two people were killed in the crash on Hwy. 401 near Gardiners Road involving four trucks.

Ontario provincial police said the first investigation found that an eastbound tractor trailer crossed the median and collided with trucks in the westbound lanes.

Tractor trailer crash Kingston

Mayor Jim Watson apologized for interrupting Coun. Diane Deans’ microphone during a heated debate at Wednesday’s council meeting on how to investigate the problems with the light rail transit system.

“I apologized to the councilor and I said it was my call (cutting the microphone), it was my fault and I take responsibility,” Watson said on the Newstalk 580 CFRA.

The incident came after Coun. Glen Gower moved a replacement move to Coun. Catherine McKenney’s proposal to convene a judicial inquiry into the LRT contract.

Deans tried to ask the city clerk to clarify whether Gower’s proposal was a “reasonable replacement” for McKenney’s proposal, but Watson said he had decided it was a replacement proposal.

“Why do we have a clerk?” asked McKenney.

“The question was put to the town clerk before the mayor intervened,” Deans said. “As a member of this council, I have every right to ask the town clerk to comment on this issue. Is it a reasonable substitution or …”

Then Deans’ microphone was muted.

On Thursday afternoon, Dean Watson thanked for the apology, but asked him to allow the council to debate McKenney’s proposal for a public inquiry at the next council meeting.

After five hours of debate, the Council of Gowers voted in favor of asking the city auditor general to examine the LRT contract and the city’s process for launching the system.

Dean and Watson

A large bison was not injured after it got its head stuck in a small car during a frightening incident at the Parc Omega, near Montebello, Que., Last weekend.

The video showed the bison – weighing more than 450 kilos – with its head stuck through an open window on the car.

“Someone opened the window and … the bison put its head inside the car and I was shocked,” said Leonardo Heizer, who was in the park capturing the now viral video.

Staff at Parc Omega, east of Gatineau, said the bison were able to free themselves from the car in about 10 minutes without harming themselves or the people in the car.

“He was not trapped that long, so luckily it was just more panic than anything else, so he was not hurt, and he managed to get out again, and he was not hurt, so we are very grateful for that, Lucy Robertson, an employee of Parc Oméga said.

The park explicitly prohibits people from opening their windows in the bison enclosure or feeding the animals.

Bison Parc Omega

Meet Ottawa’s newest millionaire.

Rickey MacDonald of Orleans won a $ 1 million guarantee in the August 25 Lotto 6/49 draw.

The 72-year-old watched television as he checked his tickets using the OLG app.

“The last ticket I scanned said ‘Big Winner,’ and I thought I won $ 1,000,” MacDonald said as he picked up his prize at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto.

MacDonald says he will complete some home renovations, buy a new vehicle and travel with his wife.

Ottawa lottery winner


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