Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Night falls as a crowd of players with swords and spears line up outside the door of a wooden store in New Word.

Screenshot: Kotaku / Amazon Games

The economy of Amazon’s new massively multiplayer online role-playing game New world experiencing some growing pain. To be more specific, the currency on which the economy is based is in the midst of a deflationary crisis that causes players to barter goods rather than use their hard-earned currency.

For those who have not been in an economy class in a minute, deflation is when there is a drop in the price of goods or services. This trend is sometimes linked to a lack of money in an economy. Currency i New world are currently so scarce and as a result so valuable that players choose to swap items rather than share with any of their rare and precious coin.

According to PlayerAuctions, monster drops, salvage and quests do not offer players enough currency to compensate for the number of coins used. As a result, the prices of goods as craft materials have fallen because “the value of the currency is so much higher than the value of goods.”

“Acting like 1000 linen, for 600 ore and 20 eggs or star metal tools for 40 steel rods are common, just like what one would expect to see in a hunter-gatherer society,” PlayerAuctions said.

A New World character is standing directly in front of a tree in a forest, as the right side of the screen has menu warnings on the character's level cap.

I would Blair witch in a forest if I also had to pay property taxes in a video game.
Screenshot: Kotaku / Amazon Games

This phenomenon poses a potential disaster for players because the fixed costs of certain goods and actions can make craftsmanship, repair and property taxes expensive barriers to entry. Kotaku Mike Fahey can attest that the game’s housing tax is a particularly insane experience, as most coin players earn can be absorbed by maintenance costs. Why anyone would implement taxes in a video game is beyond me.

If the deflationary crisis continues, it may become even more difficult for players to make money, PlayerAuctions explains. “This downward spiral makes it even more difficult to generate income, as gaming businesses generate little or no profit because the prices of finished products or crafts have become negligible,” PlayerAuctions said. The site continues to suggest that this issue may prevent players from logging into the game if their progress in leveling a profession does not give them the pay they deserve. Funny how art mimics life sometimes.


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