Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

New Zealand Police have shared an adorable excerpt from an emergency call they received from a little boy who quite simply wanted to show off his amazing toy collection.

While the call was made by mistake, the little boy’s wish was granted after he had been visited by an officer with whom he excitedly shared his toy.

The officer confirmed that the four-year-old actually had some pretty ‘cool toys’.

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New Zealand police officer with a four-year-old boy posing for a photo on patrol car.
The curious boy was visited by a local officer who was happy to show him his patrol car. (Youtube)

Sent to their YouTube page, New Zealand Police shared the minute-long phone call the boy had made from his parents’ phone.

The emergency call was answered by a sender who asked the child “What’s going on?”.

“I have some toys for you. Come by and see them,” the boy said to the woman on the line.

At that point, the boy’s father came into the conversation and realized what had happened.

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He confirmed that there was not an emergency in the home, but rather his son had grabbed the phone while his father cared for his second sibling.

As a precaution, the female dispatcher sent an officer over to the house to check that everything was in order.

Constable Kurt from the Southern District Police attended the home and was treated to exactly what the four-year-old promised.

He was shown a variety of toys in the boy’s house and confirmed: “He had cool toys!”.

While he was there, the officer gave the lucky boy a sneak peak of his patrol car and even turned on the lights for him.

The two posed for a photo together on the patrol car’s bonnet, where the toddler looked ecstatic with the officer’s hat on.

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New Zealand Police said that although they did not encourage children to unnecessarily call their emergency number 111, “this was too sweet not to share”.

The officer said he had a good educational talk with the child and his parents about only use the emergency line for real emergencies while he was at home.

That video has since been viewed over 100,000 times, and users have grabbed the post to comment on the great job the police did to control the boy and take the time to put a smile on his face.

“Very glad that they checked properly and how nice for the little boy that they were so kind”, wrote one person.

Another commented: “I tear up (sniff), it’s so valuable.”

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