Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

UrbanToronto has released UTPro New Development Report for August 2021. UTPro is the recently launched premium database service that organizes, standardizes and visualizes information from the City of Toronto development applications. It will be launched to the public in the fall. (Learn more at

UrbanToronto Pro, available now at

This UTPro New Development Report analyzes new development proposals for major projects submitted to the city. (UrbanToronto defines a “large project” as something larger than a typical detached house.) Before we dive into the numbers, however, there are some important caveats to keep in mind: These numbers are for suggestions only and are subject to change. at any time time until (and sometimes even after) completion. Due to the early stage of the development process, some documentation may be missing; the numbers for some components of the data may not be added in some cases.

Ward map for development in August 2021, based on data from UrbanToronto Pro.

In August 2021, applications had been submitted for 24 large projects proposing a total of 40 new buildings with 8,140 housing units and 5,279 parking spaces. If the new projects are built as proposed, they will amount to approximately 673,432m² gross floor area, developed on more than 173,316m² area, giving a total FSI of 3.89.

Quantitative overview of new development proposals for Toronto, submitted in July 2021. Data from UrbanToronto Pro.

To contextualize these numbers:

  • 17.3 hectares (173,316 m²) of land corresponds to around the Danforth Greektown strip. With a total FSI of 3.89, this means that the 8,140 homes plus the 50-hectare commercial GFA can be constructed as 3- and 4-story buildings across 15 departments in the city.

Number of new buildings proposed by Ward, for new development proposals from August 2021

New major development proposals for August 2015 to August 2021.

Across the 26 projects, we have records of more than 240 companies working to bring the projects to life. Here are the available developers and architects for record for the projects.

Developers and architects for new applications filed in August 2021. Data from UrbanToronto Pro.

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If you’d like to stay up to date on the latest development news, sign up for a free trial of New Development Insider. And if you are interested in the data used to generate this report, you can get more details about the UTPro subscription database service here or on the official UTPro page.

For more information on UTPro, contact Edward Skira.

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