Wed. Dec 1st, 2021


However, my confidence quickly went out the door when I realized that this was the scariest chased attraction I have ever been to.


Maan Farms has three spooky attractions – The Scariest Forest, The Scariest Maze and Pitch Black. The forest and the maze are touchless, but for Pitch Black, the live actors reach out to grab you.

As we pulled into the parking lot, the first thing I saw was a clown in the corner. The first thing I heard was bone-chilling screams coming from the woods in front of me. The goosebumps had already started.


After getting your ticket you can walk around the market and an area with food trucks for drinks and snacks.


They played music and it was a super fun atmosphere while waiting for your time.

When they started announcing our time, one of the live actors came out to make everyone ready to scream.

It did not take long before my group started. After he started coming our way, I couldn’t help but give a scream (or five).


We were led to the first attraction – the forest – by the very creepy clown who threatened to eat us several times.


One of my friends got so scared just by standing in line that she actually withdrew and gave up on us to enjoy her night and eat by the food cart and drink the farm’s house-made wine.


They do not allow photos or videos under the attractions, but I still would not have been able to hold a phone up. I ran continuously all the time.


The most eerie forest was scary. Much more scary than I expected. The live actors never broke character, and their eerie voices mixed with the scary music and flashing lights made me scream quickly.

If you walk too slowly, they will chase you (sometimes with a chainsaw), and if you are too fast, they will stand in front of you, which is actually more sinister.

With our hearts pumping, we went straight to the maze next.


The maze is carnival-themed, and at first they put you in a dark room with a video to explain the rules (and sneak you out a little more).


The special effects of the labyrinth are unreal. They have insane lighting, smoke machines and full scenes set up. It provides a truly interactive and fun experience, not just something you go through.

Actors jump out at you from the corn as you walk from one scene to the next. Some make you go through super tight hallways where you never know what’s around the next corner.


Finally, the last stop was Pitch Black. You enter a dark room where the actors can touch you and even steal the group member in the back to separate them.

It was not completely carbon black, but pretty close to it. You need to use your hands to feel through most of the time.

Luckily, they give you a glowstick necklace, so if it gets too scary, just take it off to tell them you do not want to attend anymore.

Overall, I did not expect to be so scared. There were some points where I even wanted to bail out, but I stuck around and it was worth it. The attractions were long, which I loved because it made it a lot more creepy while you waited for the end to come.

The night was full of screams but also laughter and lots of fun.

We took a drink and some ice cream afterwards to calm the nerves and debrief about the most screaming moments of the night.


The whole group agreed that the forest was without a doubt the scary one at night and started us off strong.

Maan Farm’s haunted attractions

Price: General admission is $ 50- $ 90 for the same day and gives you access to all of these awe-inspiring experiences.

Address: 790 McKenzie Rd., Abbotsford, BC

When: Every Thursday – Sunday until Halloween.

Why you should go: Even for a Halloween lover like me, it was super scary. It is worth the price with all three attractions and provides an entire evening with food trucks and a market.



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