Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Residents have said they were “half afraid of dying” after people in clown masks were discovered knocking on windows in Levenshulme on Sunday night.

A viral TikTok shows a person in a clown mask waving through a window before being chased by two police officers on Fairview Avenue around 6 p.m. 19:30.

But witnesses say the fearsome masked men turned out to be children and police found them crying behind a bush.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that no further action has been taken.

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Olivia Jones, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, took the video.

“We were not afraid, it was just little kids’ tricks or treatment a little early. Our neighbors were a bit divided between whether they were a real threat or just kids who thought they were funny, ”said Jones at 19 Manchester Evening News .

But commentators were quick to point out how scary the experience could be for people who are phobic of clowns.

“Don’t you realize that some people have massive phobias of clowns? Glad you think it’s fun, ”commented one user.

Another said, “No stop, I would actually start crying if I saw a clown out of my window.”

In a follow-up video, Jones showed the group WhatsApp group chat in which a neighbor said they were “afraid of less” after a masked child knocked on their window.

But after police found the children, Jones went to TikTok to say she was feeling so bad about them.

Another neighbor said, “What were they doing at all? Poor love, there’s nothing for the kids these days! ”

Users also questioned the proportionality of the police response to the incident.

The people in clown masks were seen waving and knocking on windows

Jones told MENNE that as well as the police car shown in the video, there was another police car and van present.

She called the response “totally unnecessary”.

Another commenter said: “For me, it was funny how the police went after him, as if he is such a high-profile criminal.”

A GMP spokesman said: “I can confirm that we were called to Fairview Avenue just after 7.30pm on Sunday 17 October in Manchester for reports of antisocial behavior involving a group of young people wearing clown masks.

“Officers attended and no further action was taken.”


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