Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

While the San Francisco Bay Area is synonymous with tech start-ups, ACT is now home to one of the world’s most innovative online marketplaces.

Rosella Street – formerly called Hey Fritz – has recently undergone a full rebranding and added a number of new trading opportunities to its site as well as groundbreaking cybersecurity features, which they say make it “the safest online marketplace in the world”.

Rosella Street co-founder – Canberra woman Sammy Williamson – says it’s the perfect platform for consumers looking for an eco-friendly Australian alternative to tech giants like Facebook Marketplace and Amazon.

Mrs Williamson said Rosella Street has a number of features that many online shoppers have been calling for, including pre-loved items for sale or donation as well as more rental options for goods, spaces and services.

However, it is their state-of-the-art fight against fraud and cybersecurity that she believes many online shoppers need most.

With the rise in crime in all online marketplaces, she says, many families are being cheated for their money at a time when they can least afford it.

From physical theft to identifying scams and online scams, trading online can be a risky business. That’s why Rosella Street puts its users first.

Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree have been good, but unfortunately there are so many scams that occur on these platforms, “Williamson explained.

“Neither Facebook nor Gumtree has a secure way for people to shop, leading to unpleasant cash trading and bank transfers,” she continued.

“People can also create” burner “accounts to cheat people and delete the account without any consequence or way of tracking them.

“Fortunately, Rosella Street has a secure and secure built-in payment system and ID verification to ensure everyone has a healthy experience. “

All three of the company’s co-founders – including Canberra resident Mick Fritschy and Dilyar Barat – have a deep passion for the environment. They plan to use their platform to keep Australia beautiful.

Therefore, Rosella Street has the immediate goal of reducing waste by 15 percent within five years in each new community it is adopted into.

In addition, they plan to donate a dollar from every purchase and sale on their site to community and environmental projects with great impact.

Rosella Street has also entered into a partnership with the remote Aboriginal community Buymarr in Arnhem Land. Together, they will work on a project to plant shrub trees that reduce CO2, nourish society and support the dissemination of knowledge to future generations.

“I grew up in Nhulunbuy in northeastern Arnhem Land,” Mr Fritschy explained.

“It’s a beautiful part of the world. Growing up there gave me a real appreciation of both nature and the community, and I’ve had that with me my whole life,” he continued.

“I’ve always been eager to find a way to work full time on something I’m passionate about, and Rosella Gates’ focus on community and the environment is the perfect combination for me.”

Mrs Williamson is just as passionate about climate change. After working on conservation on remote islands, she has seen its devastating effects first hand.

She says it is important to protect our environment, not only for our generation but also our children and grandchildren.

“The road we are heading towards now (future generations) will not see certain species or have amazing national parks to visit. And living through extreme weather events will be the norm,” she said.

“That’s why we need to come up with innovative solutions to tackle the real problems we all face. We’ve made it a part of our business model to give back to environmental initiatives.”

Earth Overshoot day is the day of the year when our resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to generate those resources that year, “Fristschy added.

“This year it was July 29, and that day will come earlier and earlier each year unless we change the way we consume. We need platforms like Rosella Street to help people make that change.”

History in partnership with Rosella Street.

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