Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

The entire east coast of Queensland south of Townsville could experience showers and heavy thunderstorms this afternoon with the potential to damage winds and heavy hail.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said the internal low-pressure system that has caused showers in the past week will remain until tomorrow.

Senior forecaster Rod Dickson said some suburbs in Brisbane received between 60 and 70 millimeters of rain in storms yesterday.

“We will see further showers and thunderstorms continue until Saturday, as the channel deepens, a little further inland,” he said.

“[There is] potential for some damaging winds, heavy rainfall and hail with these thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon Saturday. “

Lightning strikes a night sky in Brisbane.
More wild weather is on the way after a lightning show on Thursday in Brisbane.(Delivered by: Amanda O’Sullivan )

Heavy storms landed again yesterday in southeastern Queensland with several reports of heavy rain and hail across the region.

The bill said a storm cell south of Caboolture and Redcliffe had golf ball-sized hail and 78 milliliters of rain, with “much of it falling in an hour”.

The bill said Waterford, south of Brisbane, had received 63 mm of rain in an hour, and 78 mm was recorded at Beachmere in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Minor hail fell as part of another storm cell in the Logan region, south of Brisbane, bringing 60mm of rain.

Water over road after storm at Munbilla, west of Ipswich.
Munbilla, west of Ipswich, saw water across the road.(Delivered by: Natalie Ward)

‘Pretty hot’ temperatures after stormy weekend

Over the last few days, hail has been a regular phenomenon throughout the state.

On Tuesday, Bloomsbury and Yalboroo, north of Mackay, received 16 centimeters of hail, which the bill said was of a “world record size”.

Sir. Dickson said there is still a chance of hail today, but it would not be as severe as it had been in recent days.

Lightning strikes over Brisbane on Thursday night.
Lightning strikes down Brisbane on Thursday night.(Delivered by: Amanda O’Sullivan)

With thunderstorms and heavy rain forecast, there was a risk of local flooding, but no flooding of rivers was expected.

Sir. Dickson said hot weather would return after the storms.

“Things will start to ease on Sunday as this trough pushes offshore, but as it does, it will bring some beautiful, fairly warm temperatures to the southeast with temperatures reaching the mid-30s,” he said.

But what has been a pretty wet spring so far looks set to continue with thunderstorms and shower activity expected to return early next week.

“[It’ll go] back to more normal conditions early next week, “Dickson said.

“But with a trough nearby, we’ll still be seeing some showers and thunderstorms also around the early part of next week, but it’s unlikely to get as severe as we see over the weekend.”


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