Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Tasmanians are set to learn exactly what the plan to reopen borders to mainland coronavirus hotspots looks like when Prime Minister Peter Gutwein unveils state-specific modeling today.

Some clues about the plan have already been released.

Last week, Mr Gutwein confirmed that he expected people hoping to travel to Tasmania to be fully vaccinated and deliver a negative test in the 72 hours before their arrival.

Whether they would need further testing after arrival was still being considered.

In late September, the government announced that Tasmania would not reopen completely to the rest of the country until it reached a 90 percent vaccination rate.

Any decisions will be based on the results of state-specific modeling commissioned by the Kirby Institute, with the aim of understanding what hospitalizations may look like.

An empty mall strip.
Lockdowns, like the three-day closure in southern Tasmania, are destined to become a thing of the past.(ABC News: Maren Preuss)

Tasmanian health authorities say that regardless of the travel rules, coronavirus comes to the state.

Earlier this week, they highlighted that it could mean more requirements for mask use in the future.

Southern Tasmania has been subject to mask requirements since the three-day snap-lockdown that began a week ago.

Queensland unveiled its reopening plan earlier this week detailing different entry requirements for travelers under different levels of vaccination.

With 70 percent fully vaccinated, entry into Queensland from a coronavirus hotspot will only be allowed via flights for people who are fully vaccinated and have tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous 72 hours, but they will still have to complete 14 days of home quarantine .

With 80 percent, travel would be allowed by plane or road for fully vaccinated people with a negative test, but no quarantine would be required.

With 90 percent, Queensland plans to completely open its doors to vaccinated travelers – dropping all border restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Unvaccinated people will still need to be quarantined.

The requirements that Queensland has introduced are more burdensome than the requirements in Victoria.

While Victoria has just hit the 70 per cent fully vaccinated milestone – next to Tasmania – this week it has started allowing fully vaccinated travelers from New South Wales “orange zones” access without quarantine or testing.

Large areas of greater Sydney were reclassified as orange zones this week.

Those from more risky “red zones” would still need a negative test before traveling and isolating until they receive another negative result after arrival.

Western Australia, on the other hand, has ruled out opening its border to high-risk states before Christmas.

This state will wait until next year, when between 80 and 90 percent of the population is 12 years old and fully vaccinated.

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