Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

The COVID-19 shock comes to Queensland – more deaths in one week than in the pandemic so far


April 12. This is the last time a person died in Queensland of COVID-19.

The 80-year-old man had returned from the Philippines with the virus, was diagnosed in hotel quarantine and died at Brisbane’s Prince Charles Hospital.

You need another year left for the sixth death in Queensland — an 83-year-old cruise passenger.

Queenslanders are not used to seeing people succumb to COVID-19. But if the experts are right, that is changing fast.

When the state government opens the border on December 17, regardless of whether the double-dose vaccination rate for the eligible population (persons aged 16 and over) hits 80 percent, the latest model from QIMR Berghofer predicts that we will see about 200 deaths within the first 90 days .

From one death per year, we will begin to see more than one per day — and that is before a peak expected in mid-2022.

Now the government is in a race against time to try to ensure Queensland gets as close to the 80 per cent milestone as possible.

Matt Wordsworths analysis can be read right here.


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