Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Queensland has not registered new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, Education Minister Grace Grace has confirmed.

She said it was another “double donut day” for the state, with no cases either in the community or in hotel quarantine.

Ms Grace spoke at Cavendish Road State School in Holland Park in southern Brisbane, which is one of 119 schools in Queensland that run a pop-up COVID vaccination clinic over the weekend.

She called on the Queenslanders to come out in numbers today and get vaccinated.

“Do it for your older grandparents, your young siblings, your aunts your uncles, anyone, but make sure you get vaccinated. It’s ours, you know, of course today, very loud and clear,” she said.

Deputy Health Officer James Smith said that although there were no new cases in the state, he remained concerned about vaccination rates in certain parts of Queensland.

“Brisbane is not doing too badly, but in many regional and remote areas, especially in smaller communities, (vaccination rates are low),” he said.

“I suppose there is a sense of fear and even a sense of complacency (from) people who feel that COVID may not be the immediate risk that it actually is.

“The higher the vaccination coverage, the less you need to use the societal constraints things like lockdown and so on.”

Ms Grace said the government was working to raise vaccination rates.

“I know it sometimes takes some time for the message to get through, and as I have said, we have stood up every single day as a government and encouraged people to be vaccinated, especially our young people and especially our rural and remote [areas]. “

Mrs Grace said the man who arrived at a Gold Coast hospital with COVID-19 this week was very ill.

Duran Raman returned from Victoria to his apartment at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast on October 11, and authorities believe he was contagious at the time after he was infected with COVID in Melbourne.

Duran Raman in the gym in a tank shirt and fringes all over his face.
Duran Raman remains in hospital in a serious condition with COVID-19.(Instagram)

“[He] is in a very serious condition at the hospital, ”Mrs Grace said.

Dr Smith said police were still investigating how Mr Raman returned to Queensland from Victoria without being quarantined at a hotel.

“There are challenges in getting information from him, let’s just leave it there,” he said.

Authorities had difficulty obtaining information from Mr Raman as he was too ill to speak.

But they said he had not visited many places on the Gold Coast while he was contagious as he had been seriously ill, meaning there were only a few exposure sites attached to him.

Dr Smith said no further information was available from the man and that he was in a serious but stable condition.

People living around the Broadbeach resort where he has lived are being notified by authorities.

“A drop of letters has been put around the place where people are being asked to come forward and be tested, and we have certainly not had any positive reports out of it,” he said.

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