Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Australian rock lobster smuggled in mainland China pose a national security threat to the rising superpower, Hong Kong’s new customs chief has declared.

Louise Ho, the territory’s new customs commissioner, has promised to crack down on the smuggling of crustaceans, reports the news agency AFP.

Australian lobster exports have been hit by Chinese trade sanctions over the past year amid icy conditions between Canberra and Beijing.

Hong Kong’s new chief of customs says Australian smuggling of lobster is a national security threat to China. (AP)

But they are still a prized seafood delicacy among many Chinese.

Recently, Hong Kong has imported a record number of Australian lobsters among reports that they are being smuggled to mainland China.

Ms Ho said after taking up her new position on Thursday that the fight against smuggling was crucial to maintaining China’s security.

“On the surface, it’s a simple matter of smuggling lobster, but these activities undermine our country’s trade restrictions against Australia,” Ho said.

“Stopping lobster smuggling is a very important part of protecting national security, so we will pursue it diligently.”

Hong Kong authorities say triad gangs have smuggled the Australian rock lobsters in speedboats to mainland China.

Hong Kong authorities have intercepted smugglers trying to take Australian rock lobsters to mainland China. (AP)

In an incident in May, customs agents intercepted 569 kg of live lobster worth $ 25,000.

For years, Australian exporters of live rock lobster have been dependent on the Chinese market 95 percent of stone lobster exports which was flown live from Australia.

But in November last year, Beijing imposed an export ban as relations with Canberra plummeted.

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