Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Regional New South Wales is once again counting the cost of storm damage after a night of wild weather that hit large parts of the state, including parts that were already recovering from supercells by the middle of the week.

SES crews in the town of Coffs Harbor in the NSW Mid North Coast were still clearing up from Wednesday’s massive hail as two storms celebrated around 6 p.m. 18:00 on Saturday and brought gusts of 115 km / h and 4 centimeters of hail.

“We had teams out on the roof as we got off the roof around 5.30pm when the bill issued their warning of severe weather.

massive storm cloud heading towards western Coffs Harbor
“When I saw this going towards us in Western Coffs, I knew we were ready for it,” Ann Eva wrote.(Facebook: Ann Eva)

“On Wednesday, the ground was covered in ‘snow’, so last night it was little things that slipped away pretty quickly.”

Since Wednesday, Coffs Harbor SES had received more than 1,190 jobs, which jumped another 100 overnight.

Crews from Newcastle to the border with Queensland have helped with the cleanup.

SES coordinator for guard operations Sharon Fox said it has been all hands on deck after receiving 400 calls for help across the state Saturday night.

“We have foreign teams coming in to help in the Southern Highlands, and we still have teams in Coffs Harbor cleaning up after the storm a few days ago.”

‘Solid mess’

The Wollondilly Shire on the southwestern outskirts of Sydney was also hit hard by Saturday’s hailstorms, with trees shattered, power lines falling and roofs damaged.

Rescue services on a road after a hailstorm
A hailstorm shattered trees, brought down power lines and collapsed roofs on the southwestern outskirts of Sydney. (Delivered: Picton Fire and Rescue)

Wollondilly SES is responding today to over 200 requests for assistance with the town hardest hit by the town of Thirlmere.

Flinder resident Nick Moulas was visiting his parents in Thirlmere when the storm hit.

“They had a lot of hail on the roof; they lost all their fences,” he said.

Sir. Moulas said he was trapped in his car just meters from the house when the storm hit around 6.30pm.

“Every tree was just torn from all its leaves, there were chewing gum trees that were just torn out of the ground, many of the smaller trees were split in two, iron torn from roofs.

“The damage was incredible.”

His new car is severely damaged.

The storms also affected parts of Central Western NSW, including Dunedoo, where 19 requests for assistance were received.


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