Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

140,000 fans, pictured here wrapped up in the Circuit of the Americas to watch the US Grand Prix.

140,000 fans packed into the Circuit of the Americas to watch the United States Grand Prix. Image: F1

Fans around the world were left shitty Sunday then 140,000 fans packed into the Circuit of the Americas to the United States Grand Prix.

Fans flocked to watch the Formula 1 race as the sport returned to America for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic.

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And in scenes that were almost unbelievable during the global outbreak, about 140,000 packed shoulder-to-shoulder in the stands with almost no one wearing masks.

While many expressed their joy that the world is finally returning to normal, others expressed concern about the number of deaths the United States continues to suffer because of the virus.

Hardly anyone in the vast crowd seemed to be wearing masks, while social distancing is certainly past.

Vaccination rates are also quite low in Texas given the number of cases and deaths in America.

Fans reportedly did not need to be vaccinated to participate.

Some social media users described the event as a potential “super-spreader”, while others described the scenes as “insane” and “incredible”.

Max Verstappen holds back Lewis Hamilton to win

Max Verstappen kept Lewis Hamilton out for the final five laps of the 56-lap race to win his first U.S. Grand Prix in the United States and extend his scoring from six to 12 by five races to 2021.

Verstappen stood in front of Hamilton on each of the race’s two pit stop rounds.

Hamilton stayed out as long as possible during his mid-period to have a fresher tire advantage over the final laps of the race.

And while he reduced Verstappen’s lead to a second by a couple of points over the last two innings, he was never able to get the DRS advantage right away.

F1 fans, pictured here during the United States Grand Prix.

Fans are watching during the United States Grand Prix. (Photo by Peter Fox / Getty Images)

Hamilton could have won the race if he had gotten that advantage.

The Mercedes is much faster in a straight line than Red Bull and would have had an absurd speed advantage on the Verstappen on the long back stretch at the Circuit of the Americas with the Drag Reduction System activated.

But he did not come close enough to get that opportunity when Verstappen stuck with tires that were eight laps older.

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