Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson has come under fire after commenting on her ancestors online.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, Elle appeared in a video for Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” series where she came up with the bizarre statement.

Elle Macpherson in a Vogue beauty video

Elle Macpherson has come under fire for comments she made in a Vogue beauty video. Photo: Vogue

“My eyes are almost black, it’s the aborigine in me,” she reportedly said.

“Like seven generations of Australians, they do not reflect light in the same way that blue eyes do.”


That Sydney Morning Herald they said contacted her representatives and publicists for her brand WelleCo to clarify what Elle meant by her comments and to see if she regretted using the term “Aborigine”.

The quotes were edited out of the video after the questions were posted, according to SMH.

However, the journalist managed to get hold of Elle’s sister, Mimi, who said: “We are not natives and have not traced our ancestry either.”

Elle Macpherson Vogue beauty video

“My eyes are almost black, it’s the aborigine in me,” she allegedly said. Photo: Vogue

This is not the first time Elle has raised eyebrows among people online. Last year, she shocked her fans by promoting a vaccination campaign led by her boyfriend, Andrew Wakefield.

Elle allegedly went on stage in front of an audience in North Carolina in the United States to promote an anti-wax propaganda video, saying the coronavirus pandemic is a “divine time” to discuss the dangerous idea.

In recordings obtained by Daily Mail, Elle told Andrew at the event: “You made this movie during COVID, and it’s interesting because it’s such a beautiful, sacred timing when you watch the movie, because it’s so relevant and so relevant. … And for it to come in this divine time where vaccination and compulsory vaccination are on everyone’s lips. ”

Fans responded on social media, telling Elle not to be “so irresponsible” and to promote Andrew’s message.

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