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Two more restaurants in southern Alberta have had their food handling permits suspended for failing to comply with public health orders.

A total of 3,026 Albertans have died from COVID, with 12 new deaths reported Friday

Purple Perk, a Calgary Cafe, has had its food handling license suspended, AHS said. (Anis Robert Heydari / CBC)

The latest on COVID-19 in Alberta:

  • Two restaurants in southern Alberta have had their food handling permits suspended or notified of closure after being found in violation of COVID-19-related public health orders.
  • Purple Perk, a Calgary café, has had its food handling license suspended for non-compliance with COVID-19 orders. The suspension will be revised on 2 November. To get the suspension lifted, the restaurant must implement the provincial government’s exemption limitation program, AHS said.
  • A ticket, Alta. restaurant, Olifunt Bistro, was issued a notice of closure of AHS, meaning it must close indoor dining. AHS said restaurant guests were not screened for evidence of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccine medical exemption letter.
  • Calgary restaurant Without Papers Pizza had previously lost its business license, liquor license and food handling license after choosing not to comply with the city’s law on vaccine passports.
  • Reported Alberta 656 new cases of COVID-19 Friday out of 10,732 test.
  • That positivity was 6.5 pct.
  • The total number of active cases in Alberta is 10,037.
  • Total 3,026 Albertans have died of COVID, with 12 new deaths reported Friday.
  • Alberta has seen a decline in known active COVID-19 cases since early October, when there were 20,215. But federal data shows that Alberta still leads the country by a large margin.
  • Alberta reports one R-value below 1. The R-value is the average number of COVID-19 infections transmitted by each diagnosed case.
  • An R-value below 1 means that the transmission is no longer growing. Provincial-wide was the R-value for October 11 to October 17 0.85with a confidence interval between 0.83 and 0.88.
  • 306,113 Albertans are considered to have restored from COVID-19.
  • The province reported Friday that there is 889 patients in the hospital and 191 on intensive.
  • Hinshaw tweeted on Thursday that from June 1 to October 20, 87 percent of ICU patients were unvaccinated.
  • First Jason Kenney said Kenney said Tuesday that 75 percent of intensive care units in the province were occupied by people infected with COVID-19, which is down from 97 percent reported just over six weeks ago. But he added: “There are still more COVID patients in the hospital today than below the top of any other wave. It will take many weeks before this drops significantly.”
  • As the pressure eased slightly on ICUs, AHS is reducing vacant overhead beds to relocate staff to care for non-COVID patients in need of surgery and procedures completed, an AHS spokesman said Thursday.
  • AHS said they will maintain ICU capacity above daily demand to a planned maximum of 380 beds as long as staff and physicians’ availability allows, and will adjust plans as needed if COVID cases rise again.
  • In the province, there are currently 347 general adult ICU beds open in Alberta, including 174 additional rooms (more than double our baseline 173 general adult ICU beds). This is 29 fewer surge ICU spaces than the top of 376.
  • Doctors are resumes some operations after bookings had been scaled down by 75 per cent. But there is no timeline for when the province will be able to return to normal surgical volumes.
  • The Alberta government has released an app for scanning and verification QR code vaccine registers. The AB COVID Records Verifier app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.
  • Albertans can get their improved vaccine registers with one QR code online at alberta.ca/CovidRecords.
  • Alberta Health Services says its Scientific Advisory Group has updated its review for use ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19. AHS said existing investigations have problems and the available evidence does not consider it safe.
  • October 14, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, health director, said Alberta hospitals have seen people with extreme negative effects after taking ivermectin.

The latest on Alberta’s COVID-19 response:

  • From October 25, Albertans 12 years and older must provide proof of full vaccination — two COVID-19 vaccine doses — to access restaurants, movies, sporting events, and other businesses throughout the province operating under the province’s restriction exemption program.
  • Individuals who are not fully vaccinated may still choose to provide a privately paid negative COVID-19 test within the previous 72 hours or valid proof of a medical exemption.
  • The Kenyan Government imposed the voluntary vaccine passport system, which came into force on 20 September to combat the fourth wave of COVID-19.
  • Operators who are eligible for the program but choose not to participate will have to follow measures that include capacity constraints and physical distance.
  • A complete list of restrictions and exceptions is available on the government website.
  • On September 22, the Calgary City Council approved a bylaws introducing a consistent application of the province’s vaccine passport program for many types of businesses in the city.
  • AHS is extension of the deadline for staff, medical and midwifery staff, students, volunteers and contracted healthcare providers to comply with its mandatory immunization policy until 30 November.
  • “We stand by the mandatory immunization policy and it will be fully implemented,” said AHS’s CEO, Dr. Verna Yiu in a press release on Friday. “We are extending the deadline to give all employees more time to submit their vaccination certificate and, if they have not yet done so, to be fully vaccinated. We are giving more time so that our workforce is as safe and robust as it can be. ”
  • About 92 percent of all staff at Alberta Health Services have provided evidence that they have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccinations as required by a policy introduced in August, Yiu told a news conference on October 19.
  • Seven percent of staff have not yet submitted evidence of vaccination while less than one per cent – approximately 1,200 employees – have requested accommodation for medical or religious reasons.
  • Said Yiu 61 employees have resigned specifically because of the vaccination policy. It includes 31 employees in clinical roles; 11 of them are registered nurses.

SE | AHS CEO says that the vast majority of AHS employees are fully vaccinated:

AHS CEO breaks down staff vaccination rates

Dr. Verna Yiu, president and CEO of Alberta Health Services, says 92 percent of AHS employees are fully vaccinated and do not believe the vaccination policy will have a significant impact on the ability to provide health care. 2:47

  • Hinshaw announced new measures for continued care facilities starting Oct. 25. All visitors must wear a mask in all indoor areas of the building, including in the occupants’ rooms. All residents must also be quarantined after returning from a hospital stay of 24 hours or more until they receive a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • That City of Calgary opens applications for a new grant program for local businesses, owners and entities affected by the Provincial Restriction Exemption Program. The Calgary Business Support Grant will provide $ 2,000 per year. Physical permanent premise.
  • City of Calgary will require all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination by November 1st.
  • This applies to all employees of the City of Calgary, regardless of workplace or workplace, including those who work remotely or have a teleworking agreement.
  • It announced the province new initiatives to protect children and young people from COVID-19 on 5 October. Contact tracking in schools will be phased in, outbreaks will be declared in schools, and rapid test kits will be made available to parents to test younger children.
  • Politicians and employees on Alberta legislator will all be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 when the meeting resumes on October 25, Government House Speaker Jason Nixon said Tuesday.
  • Alberta public workers will soon be required to show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • The policy, approved by the province’s COVID-19 Cabinet Committee, will affect 25,500 provincial staff, all of whom must provide proof of full vaccination. no later than 30 November.

SE | Premier Jason Kenney Announces Launch of Vaccine Safe Scanner:

Evidence for vaccination scanner launched in Alberta

Prime Minister Jason Kenney announced that after November 15, the scannable QR code will be the only acceptable registration of vaccination. Health Minister Jason Copping urged everyone to get their QR code vaccination record. 1:47

The latest on vaccines:

  • 66.6 pct of the province’s total population has received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, or 78.3 pct of eligible Albanians.
  • Out of the total population of the province, 73.4 pct have received at least one dose, or 86.3 pct of those eligible.
  • Hinshaw said on Thursday that in the last few weeks, more than 231,000 third-dose vaccinations have been administered.
  • Canada-wide, 77.5 pct of the total population have received at least one dose of vaccine, and 72.8 pct of the total population are fully vaccinated, according to CBC’s vaccine tracker. Among the eligible, 88.5 pct have had a dose and 83.1 pct is fully vaccinated.
  • Alberta has increased the number of immunocompromised people who are entitled to a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The full list of qualified persons can be found on the province’s website.
  • In addition, mRNA doses – be it Pfizer or Moderna – are available to Albertans traveling to a jurisdiction that does not accept visitors vaccinated with mixed doses.
  • Hinshaw say pregnant women are at high risk for very serious illness and encourages them to get their COVID-19 vaccinations.

See which regions are hardest hit:

Here is latest detailed regional breakdown of active cases, as reported by the province on Friday:

  • Edmonton zone: 2,355.
  • Calgary zone: 2,554.
  • Nordzone: 2.112
  • Central zone: 1,940.
  • South Zone: 1,066 th most common
  • Unknown: 10.

Here are the latest Alberta COVID-19 stories:

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