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Sanguinario is the legendary jaguar in Far Cry 6. Although easy to find, taking them down can be a challenge for new players.

Hunting has been a fairly common activity in Far Cry franchise and Far Cry 6 is no different. There are many different animals to hunt, and resources to gather from them. There are some unique skins to be harvested from very specific mythical animals in Far Cry 6, and these are used to make Primal gears and unlock certain achievements.

The Primal set is extremely powerful, giving Dani some buffs that will make it much easier to hunt other animals throughout Yara for resources like alpha meat. The set offers higher willow capacity, more meat lost from animals, and increases the damage to animals. Although it offers many benefits, it is also quite difficult to obtain, as all five mythical animals must be found and killed to make it.

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Sanguinario is one of these mythical animals. He is a legendary jaguar rumored to be pursuing the San Pedro area, and his fur is required to make Primal Pants in Far Cry 6. They are not too difficult to track, but there are some things that need to be done to trigger their appearance.

How to Find and Kill Sanguinario in Far Cry 6

The location of the Jaguar Sanguinario in Far Cry 6.

To trigger a meeting with Sanguinario in Far Cry 6, Dani need to get to the area they are in. Go to the southern Vacia coast of Sierra Perdida. Get to the area near the pier at night as there are too many people around during the day for Sanguinario to appear. When the sun goes down, it is a fairly simple process to come face to face with the jaguar.

When Dani arrives here after nightfall, there will only be a few people meandering along the coast. Move out to the end of the pier and start fishing. Once a fish is caught, go back to the market area by the shore and the people who wandered in the area will be dead. Sanquinario, along with two other jaguars, will show up and can now be killed. This can be a tough battle, but if Dani has already completed missions in the Sierra Perdida region, they should be strong enough to get it done.

Once Sanguinario has been killed, their fur can be looted and used to make the Primal pants, leaving four remaining mythical creatures. There are also plenty of animals left to make friends with Far Cry 6.

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Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PlayStation 4/5 and PC.

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