Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

The British opposition party is urging the government to introduce its Plan B measures to tackle rising COVID-19 cases in the UK, including advice on work from home and mandatory masks.

Labor frontbencher Rachel Reeves also told the BBC that the vaccine program “stopped” and should work better.

But the government’s chancellor or finance minister, Rishi Sunak, said the data did not currently suggest “moving to Plan B immediately”.

The measures, which are intended to protect the National Health Service from “unsustainable pressure”, also include mandatory coronavirus passports.

Last week, the UK recorded an average of 47,000 new cases of COVID-19 a day in the past week, an 18 per cent increase from the week before, according to figures released on Friday.

There were an average of 135 deaths a day, an increase of 16 percent from the previous week.

Britain has recorded more than 139,000 coronavirus deaths during the pandemic, the highest toll in Europe after Russia.

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