Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he hoped President Biden was serious about defending Taiwan if China invaded the island nation, and that it was not a “random comment.”

Pompeo would not set a specific timeline for when Chinese President Xi Jinping will try to take control of Taiwan — which is autonomous but considered a junk nation of China — but predicted it would happen in the next few years.

After Beijing hosted the Winter Olympics next year, Pompeo John Catsimatidis said in an interview aired Sunday on his WABC 770 radio program that Xi is coming from a “high point” and “he wants to explain why Taiwan should be under their compulsion and their watch. ”

“I saw President Biden say that we have an obligation to defend Taiwan. I hope that when he said he intended it. You can not draw a red line that way – you can not make such statements – and does not mean that there is an expectation now that he will follow this commitment, “said Pompeo.

“I hope the Biden administration has thought about it, and it was not just a random comment from a president who was not aware of what he was saying,” he said.

Joe Biden.
President Joe Biden said the United States has pledged to defend Taiwan if China intervenes.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Pompeo pointed to the launch of a nuclear-powered hypersonic missile in August by China that “puts America in danger” and warned that America must be prepared.

Xi Jinping, their leader, said he would first bring Taiwan back under their umbrella, then build out of the region and then force the whole world. This is something that is not a problem for today or tomorrow, but one that is on top of us now, and we must take it seriously when we think about our strategy of continuing to protect and secure America in the coming decades, ”Pompeo said.

Biden, speaking at a CNN town hall last Thursday, was questioned about countering the Chinese Communist Party’s military in light of the hypersonic launch and protecting Taiwan from an attack.

Mike Pompeo
“I hope that when he said he was determined on that,” Mike Pompeo said of President Joe Biden’s statement defending Taiwan.
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“China, Russia and the rest of the world know that we have the most powerful military in the history of the world,” Biden said. “You do not have to worry about whether we should – they will be more powerful. What you really need to worry about is whether they will engage in activities that put them in a situation where they can make a serious mistake. ”

“So you say the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense if China attacked?” asked moderator Anderson Cooper.

“Yes,” Biden replied. “Yes, we have an obligation to do so.”

Mike Pompeo.
Mike Pompeo predicts that after Beijing hosts the Olympics, Chinese President Xi Jinping will “argue why Taiwan should be under their coercion and their guard.”
Nicholas Kamm / AFP via Getty Images

The next day, the White House went back with its statement, saying the president “did not announce any change in our policy.”

“The U.S. defense relationship with Taiwan is governed by the Taiwan Relations Act,” the spokesman said. “We will maintain our commitment under the law, we will continue to support Taiwan’s self – defense, and we will continue to oppose unilateral changes to the status quo.”


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