Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Sunday, October 24, 2021, 16:40 – BC is preparing for what is expected to be an influential and potentially historic storm Sunday, where harmful and widespread disturbances from its explosive nature are certainly possible.

A potentially historic storm will bring heavy rain and strong winds to British Columbia. The rain and wind effects will rise in the evening and continue until Monday. Residents should be prepared for power outages and difficult journeys, including potential cancellations of ferries and the possibility of mudslides. More about the timing and effects of the powerful storm below.

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The potent Pacific crash is set to move ashore on the BC coast Sunday. It has undergone a rapid deepening in recent days as it migrated through the Pacific Ocean and met the criteria for a weather bomb – when the pressure drops 24 millibar (mb) in 24 hours – in almost 12 hours.

It could actually be a double bomb, according to Kevin MacKay, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. It has the potential to drop 45-50 mb in 24 hours.

“Bends near the storm report waves over 12 feet,” MacKay said.

Bouy 46005 recorded a pressure of 942.5 mb on Sunday afternoon, which is a new pressure record in the Pacific Northwest. The previous record was 943 mb, which was recorded during the post-tropical cyclone Harriet in 1977.

The pressure will reach its lowest point on Sunday afternoon and weaken slightly when moving ashore.


Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has issued wind warnings for parts of Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and Howe Sound. People in the region should prepare for power outages, potential ferry cancellations, an increased risk of local flooding, high swells and landslides as the storm passes through.

Sunday morning is when the rain will arrive on the south coast, but the wind does not intensify until the evening, before the arrival of the lava on Sunday overnight. From then on, the wind will strengthen over the inner south coast until Monday morning. Southeasterly gusts of 50-90 + km / h will continue from Sunday evening until Monday afternoon.


Georgia Strait will channel the strongest winds toward eastern Vancouver Island (Comox to Campbell River), possibly affecting ferry services.

Updates from BC Hydro state that there were thousands of customers without power during the early afternoon Sunday.

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