Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

The latest Genshin impact event, “Warriors of the Maze”, arrived at the game last Thursday (21). This gives players the opportunity to save a new 4-star character. How to acquire Xinyan for your team in the miHoYo game.

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The new event that came with version 2.2 places the traveler in a special domain where he must solve the mysteries of the place forgotten by time. Together with Fatui’s Messenger, Childe and rocker Xinyan, the player must complete a series of challenges in the maze to reach the end of the place and discover all the secrets.

Photo: Screen Capture / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

The player can acquire the character by clicking on the event tab in the game menu and accessing the part corresponding to “Warriors of the Maze”. In the new event window, click Burning Unison to open the 4-star Pyro Character Rescue screen. To buy Xinyan you need to meet certain requirements.

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Remember that in order to participate in the activity, it is necessary to have Adventure Rank 21 and have completed Archon’s Quest Chapter III: “Presence over mortals.” If the player is not finished Genshin impact history mode, he will not have access to the new content.

Photo: Screen Capture / Igor Pontes / Canaltech

To secure Xinyan, complete “The Path of Taishou”, one of the event’s missions, and accumulate 4000 “Aged Talismans”, a bargaining chip that can also be used to earn other in-store rewards, such as .ex. Essential Gems, Hero EXP and books of talents. If you already have the character, the player will receive a Xinyan Constellation, which unlocks the character’s new passive abilities.

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