Police chase driver behind fatal hit-run accident near Ballarat as daughter tells of heartache over discovering her father dead

When Sophie Thomson stopped to help Victoria Police colleagues on their way to work, her world broke down in an instant.

A cyclist had been hit and killed and the driver could not stop so she stopped to lend a hand.

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“That cyclist was my father. My world broke instantly, “she told reporters on Tuesday.

David Thomson, 60, was riding his bike on La Trobe Street near Delacombe, near Ballarat, when he was hit by a silver sedan that did not stop to help him on October 21.

Police are still trying to find the driver, and Thomson’s family requested that anyone with information show up.

Cyclist David Thomson died in the accident. Credit: AAP
Anyone with information is encouraged to sign up.
Anyone with information is encouraged to sign up. Credit: Victoria police

“Dad had been tragically killed on the way to work, and what’s worse, the coward didn’t even stop or break afterwards,” Thomson said.

“I had unknowingly witnessed my father’s own crime scene. Imagine that for a moment.”

Thomson had increased his walking and cycling to improve his fitness so he could keep playing cricket and keep up with his young grandchildren.

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“Dad is the reason I came to the job, Dad is absolutely everything to me. I called Dad every Sunday, we have a talk. He is just is, is just the world for us, ”Thomson said.

Her brother Dylan told reporters that their father was a much-loved member of the community.

“He was going back to play competitive cricket again and was just trying to do the right thing for himself and get on the bike and ride to work,” said Dylan Thomson.

Investigators are eager to speak to any witnesses or anyone who may have been in the area at the time of the collision with dash-cam footage.

Police have also released a picture of a distinctive silver sedan with a missing bonnet and windshield, which was seen in the area after the crash.

Anyone with any information about the vehicle is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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