Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

President Biden is back refuses to exercise executive privilege over a tranche of documents, former President Trump is trying to stay away from a special congressional committee investigating January 6 uprising at the US Capitol.

Mr. Trump already has brought an action to block the release of other documents requested by Parliament’s select committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol, a panel that has already held former Trump staffers Steve Bannon in criminal contempt to defy a summons to appear. The committee has not ruled out summoning the former president as part of its ongoing investigation.

In a letter sent Monday to National Archivist David Ferriero, who is also being sued by Mr. Trump, White House Attorney Dana Remus wrote that the president has no plans to exercise executive privilege over other Trump documents the committee requests, in line with his previous one. position was first announced earlier this month.

“President Biden has held that an assertion of executive privileges is not in the best interests of the United States and is therefore not justified in respect of the documents submitted to the White House on September 16, 2021 and September 23, 2021.” wrote Remus. “President Biden, therefore, does not uphold the former president’s claim of privilege.”

President Biden joins Jill Biden at the National Teacher Of The Year Event
President Joe Biden speaks to the media about the passing of former Secretary of State Colin Powell as he leaves the White House State and National Teachers of the Year awards ceremony on October 18, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images

The news of the letter was first reported by CNN.

A lawyer for Bannon said in a letter obtained by CBS News that he did not act in “defiance” of the lawsuit, pointing to instructions from Mr. Trump’s lawyer. “President Trump’s advisers stated that they invoked executive and other privileges and therefore instructed us not to present documents or testify that could reveal information that President Trump’s attorney is seeking to legally protect,” Bannon’s attorney said.

In addition to Bannon, the committee has convened the organizers of Stop the Steal rally it happened before Mr Trump’s supporters came down to the Capitol, as well as a former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, Pentagon Chief of Staff Kashyap Patel, Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Communications Director Dan Scavino.

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