Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Downtown Toronto’s new Union Station Bus Terminal (USBT) first went into operation last December, but the new transit hub is already being upgraded.

But don’t worry, this is not a design flaw that is being fixed, or a case where more capacity is already needed, as this upgrade will be purely cosmetic.

The new terminal is spacious, clean and modern, but it can also feel a bit boring when waiting for a GO bus. That’s why Metrolinx is bringing a vibrant, yet super weird art installation to the terminal’s interior next week.

Set to be installed over a three-day period from November 1, a number of colorful artworks by Blue Republic will greet passengers filtering through the busy transit hub.

union station art

The new installation will shake up the grid-like appearance of the terminal’s interior. Reproduction of Blue Republic.

This is the same Toronto-based artist duo responsible for the scary alien robot characters who may or may not hunt children at night outside a few apartment towers in the city center. Blue Republic has also created remarkable works for high-traffic locations, Toronto Pearson Airport and Brookfield Place.

A jury of art and design experts selected Blue Republic from a group of six Canadian artists who participated in a design competition.

Described as “a series of figures that speak to the universal travel experience”, the installation adds color images across both levels of the transit hub along with irregular shapes that bring visual variation to the rigid lines of the terminal.

union station art

The new installation will span both levels of the terminal’s interior. Reproduction of Blue Republic.

“These walls almost ask for something colorful that would break the linear grid and animate the space,” says Anna Passakas of Blue Republic.

“We hope this project will give USBT energy. Human life is organic and we want to inject this organic quality plus the sense of humor and excitement into the station so that anyone who walks by can feel the uplifting effect art has to offer. on.. “

Installation begins on Monday and is expected to last three days to meet public health restrictions and a busy GO bus schedule where the workplace is cordoned off to keep commuters free.


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