Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

A bomb squad has run into a Scottish police station this morning after an “unexploded unit” was handed over to officers.

The specialist team rushed to West End Police Station on Torphichen Place in Edinburgh after the alarm was sounded around 10.35am on Wednesday 27 October.

A member of the public had handed over an object on the premises that was thought to be a piece of unexploded historical ordinance.

An item in a red box is transported to the van

The building was quickly evacuated while specialists assessed the item.

Photos taken from the site show an RLC Bomb Disposal van parked up the road.

The area can be seen being cordoned off with police tapes while investigations are underway.

A specialist team evaluates the item

A red box is carried from the building into the van while the bomb squad assesses the object.

Fortunately, the team later found that there was no risk or threat.

A Scottish police spokesman said: “Around 10.35am a member of the public handed over an object at West End Police Station, Edinburgh, which is believed to be a piece of unexploded ordnance.

“The object was assessed by specialists, who found that there was no risk or threat.

“The building had been evacuated as a precautionary measure.”

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