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“It was obviously pretty hard for him to get dressed,” says the former Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster

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Don Cherry has some sour grapes over the Toronto Maple Leafs’ casual dress code.

Earlier this month was Solens Lance Hornby reported that the club let its players dress in “business casual” on game days.


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This happened a few days after Leafs center Auston Matthews expressed his dissatisfaction with the NHL’s strict dress code in an interview with ESPN.

“I don’t mind wearing a suit, but it’s getting old pretty quickly,” Matthews said. “I think it would be fun to wear different things and be able to express yourself, similar to what the NBA does or even the NFL a little bit.”

“I’m with (Matthews),” Mitch Marner said of getting away from the code. “It’s good to express yourself. We will see. You have to make sure that the game on the ice is the same. ”

But the 24-year-old Matthews, who led the NHL with 41 goals in 52 games last season, caught the former Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster broadcasting his complaint about the Leafs superstar on his podcast, Don Cherry’s Grapevine.


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“I want to talk about Matthews for a moment,” Cherry said. “The leading goal scorer last year – the leading goal scorer in the whole league last year. Everything went well… I would say that he and Henrik (Lundqvist) were one, two about getting dressed. They were pretty sharp guys.

“But it was obviously pretty hard for him to get dressed. Ten million dollars and he can’t get dressed? So you see him come in now, he used to come in with (Mitch) Marner all the time and you can not saying he’s a slut, but it’s like he’s going to a barbecue. I do not understand. “

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So far this season, the Leafs are 2-4-1, placing them in sixth place in the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, Matthews, who returned to the ranks last week, has one goal and no assists.

“Do you know who gets all the goals? The boys on one- and two-year contracts because they know they have to be good,” Cherry said.


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“I just do not understand. This guy had everything going on last year, and now he comes and changes everything. We show him come in and he’s wearing an old sweater.”

Cherry went on to add that it was a good thing he was fired from Hockey Night in Canada when he did.

“I would never have endured. I would have said something about him… I bet you (Sidney) Crosby have his shirt and tie,” he said.

“Matthews had a great year last year. Why change things? Why go out of your way? That’s a big thing. And Hockey Night in Canada agrees with him, they agree with everyone. They said, ‘They are finding their way in life.’ They do not find their way in life. It’s putting on a shirt and tie… he was a Rocket Richard (trophy winner) last year and this year he changes everything. ”




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