Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

That Eternal doom The 6.66 update is now live from id Software, and it brings with it the free horde mode and a host of rewards – here’s how it all works.

“Like a classic arcade game, there are no checkpoints,” says an official blog post. “You start with only three extra lives – but there are more to earn as you evolve. You start with only a fully mastered Combat Shotgun, and unlock a new weapon at random as you complete each Arena round. Earn new milestones and unlock lots of cool new custom items as you progress! “

You can see hordes in action in the official trailer below:

The trailer shows challenges designed to “break” Doomslayer, and illustrates how extra weapons must be earned in horde mode if the player intends to use them. Some of the bonus challenges focus even more on platform games instead of intense and frenetic battles.

All Horde Mode updates are also available to anyone who owns the base game, or one of the standalone DLC (downloadable content). Each game starts with a standard arena battle encounter, a blitz round where players must kill as many demons as possible within a time limit, a bonus coin collection round, a traversal puzzle round and a bonus blitz round.

Rewards consist of lots of different character skins, portal skins and other cosmetic items. Some of them are pictured below.

Eternal doom
Eternal doom. Credit: Software Id

Update 6.66 also consists of two new master levels for Mars Core and The World Spear, so after the campaign mission is complete, players can also give them a shot.

In other news, the composer behind Person series at Atlus has left the company to be an indie developer, although they still want to work with the company on a freelance basis.

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