Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

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Today on TikTok hacks that have definitely blown people’s minds: Button pins. I know what you’re thinking – how could a video of a button go viral and garner millions of views? Well, my friends, it’s because this naughty little hack is the easiest way to make your jeans fit perfectly without having to put on a belt or have them changed.

Button pins do pretty much what they say on the can. You simply push the button into your jeans where you want along the waist of your pants that sit more comfortably than the original button, and then you button your pants to the point, see below. It’s a damn good solution if your favorite jeans have stretched after a few uses and you need a way to tighten them up a bit so you can still get worn out of them – we all have the one pair we refuses to let go because you finally got them worn in.


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Commentators were also quick to point out that they can also be used to make other garments such as blazers, skirts and button-down shirts fit better and are a good alternative to a safety standard in bog standard, or tailoring work, which can sometimes cost more than the actual outfit did.

button pins

Waist buttons 16 PCS, $ 12

The best thing about this hack is that a pack of 16 button pins costs $ 12 from Amazon (!!), and you can buy them in a variety of styles – silver, gold, clear – to suit your outfit needs. I’m hooked.

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Photo: Amazon / Magikarp Guy

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