Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

A group of former international rugby league players have announced that they intend to launch lawsuits against the Rugby Football League in order not to prevent concussion and the relative aftermath.

The ex-players claim that many of them are now suffering from concussion they have suffered during their football career.

Former British halfback Bobbie Goulding is one of the players revealing that he has been diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 49.

“For something like this getting out of the blue and hitting me like a bus is hard to take,” Goulding said.

“I did not think about dementia at all, I just thought that was how life was. When I played, I was 13 stone and five feet six (inches) and played against guys who were six feet two and 19 stones, and did ‘do not even bother.

“But it takes its course in the end. I played within days of serious knockouts on at least three occasions.”

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Jason Roach is another former player involved in the class action lawsuit.

“I forget where I parked my car and have to check that I have locked the doors a hundred times to be safe,” Roach explained of his symptoms.

“Sometimes I make coffee and realize I’ve put two spoons in the cup. Why should I do that? It’s not great things, but they make me feel anxious about the future.

“I have a 10-month-old daughter and need to take care of her.”

The group is made up of 10 former players, though lawyers representing the group claim they know of at least 50 who suffer from concussions. Some of the players are still said to be in their 20s.

Richard Boardman of Rylands Legal – who organizes a separate trial representing 175 former rugby players – has agreed to help former rugby league professionals.

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