Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Proposed legislation to rename Red Indian Lake back in HoA

Provincial legislation to rename Red Indian Lake is up for second reading in the Assembly House.

The proposed bill seeks to rename the lake in central Newfoundland to Beothuck Lake.

The government initially mumbled the attempt to change the name of the lake earlier this year by suddenly announcing that it would now be known under a Mi’kmaq term meaning ‘peaceful lake’.

It immediately resulted in an outcry from residents of Millertown, Buchan and Buchan’s Junction, who wanted to see the lake’s long history with the Beothuck people recognized.

Native Affairs and Reconciliation Minister Lisa Dempster acknowledged that subsequent public hearings resulted in an agreement that Beothuck should be reflected in a new name.

She says many responded by saying that if the name of the lake were to change, it should reflect the Beothuck people. Highest ranked among the new name choices was Beothuck Lake.

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