Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

What to know

  • 8512 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood
  • Opens in early 2022
  • 1933 Group acquired the famous stand in 2018; the hospitality company has spent time restoring the sausage-shaped structure, as well as finding an ideal location

Let’s be honest: Often, quite often, vintage restaurants and bars actually disappear from the Los Angeles countryside, never to be seen or heard from again.

Call it the twists and turns of the time, if you will, but it can be heartbreaking for those people who crave a particular food, a certain ambiance, a unique experience and the comfort of a classic place they have come to love over the years or even decades. .

Tail o ‘the Pup, one of the world’s most famous shaped-as-the-food-it-serves structures, is a destination that lives big in the hearts and minds of countless Southern Californians.

The Milton Black-designed building, which was designed to look like an oversized bun and frank, first opened in 1946. The huge hot dog moved a few times over the years, but many people remember it standing in all its 18-foot-for -9-foot glory at La Cienega and Beverly Boulevards.

After being on its way to a warehouse in 2005, due to a lost lease, the puppy has remained out of sight, its grills cold, its mustard bottles unseen and its remarkable neon-separated darkness.

The tail of the puppy

That’s going to change in early 2022 when this imaginative Frankfurter reopens in West Hollywood at 8512 Santa Monica Boulevard.

The 1933 Group, the hospitality company behind Idle Hour (the barrel-shaped North Hollywood restaurant, another excellent example of novelty or mimetic architecture) and other hip historic eateries and bars, bought the stand in 2018.

Time spent looking for the ideal location, as well as months given to toot with the puppy, has meant that honest fans have had to be patient.

But now the patience is ready to pay off, with the return of a restaurant that not only made a sausage-loving public noble and fill up through several tasty decades, but also served as a vibrant pop cultural touchstone for both the city and the city. world.

Tail o ‘the Pup can be seen in several movies, including “Body Double” from 1984 and “LA Story” from 1991, and it was a must-stop for celebrities on the road who sought the perfect kitschy background for a promo image (The Go -Go’s, DEVO, Stray Cats and Sigourney Weaver all hailed the puppy playfully.

Call the restaurant’s long awaited return for a true Hollywood Comeback story, or perhaps in this case a West Hollywood Comeback.

It’s hard to believe that this highly photographable favorite has missed the Instagram era and the advent of social media in general, but one senses that it is making a fabulous, feed-filling re-entry.

1933 The group’s co-owner and chief designer Bobby Green says: “We enjoy the charm of nostalgia with the return of Tail o ‘the Pup. I can not imagine a better way to get a smile on someone else’s face than to back up the quirky, giant sausage cart, as people would go out of their way to see as much as they would search for the Hollywood sign. “

“We are honored to save one of America’s most iconic landmarks on the roadside and hope people see this comeback as yet another love letter we’ve written to Los Angeles.”

Raise your pressed bottles of mustard high: A local legend returns, in all its iconic, sizzling tasty glory, in early 2022.


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