Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Heavy thunderstorms and rainfall have been forecast over southeast Queensland today with gusts of up to 125 kilometers per hour and giant hail.

The storm is likely to hit Brisbane this afternoon and may continue into the early evening hours.

The wild weather is caused by several phenomena; a surface trough across inner parts of the state, an upper trough moving across southeast Queensland and a southeast wind change.

Meteorologist Kimba Wong told ABC Radio Brisbane that it may be a “big storm day” in the southeast.

“The timing of the south-easterly wind change will be very crucial to how dangerous these storms can be when they fire up in the afternoon … At this point, it looks like it will fit perfectly with the middle of the afternoon and be a pretty potent setup for severe thunderstorms today. “

She said the agency could not rule out “higher end” thunderstorms with heavy hail and devastating winds.

“So supercell thunderstorms are developing around southeastern Queensland, including potentially also over Brisbane today,” she said.

“If we see these storms develop, then the risk is a little more life-threatening phenomena, such as the destructive winds of over 125 kilometers per hour and also potentially some giant hail of over 5 centimeters as well.”

Wong said the morning weather was “benign,” but that is expected to change.

“[It’s] one day to keep an eye on the radar and warning side as we go through the day, ”she said.

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