Big Brother VIP recap: Thomas Markle spills over on Meghan’s wedding and Caitlyn Jenner talks about OJ Simpson trial

Big Brother VIP viewers were promised that this season’s celebrities would deliver bombs, and boy did they, with juicy details about Meghan Markle’s first wedding and the OJ Simpson trial sent to the world.

In the first episode on Monday, our international stars got into firearms, and every single one of them opened up about some of the biggest scandals in their lives.

But before we get into the tea wasted by our famous housemates, we need to talk about THE red carpet and what the hell was Caitlyn Jenner wearing?

The former reality star is the biggest attraction for this year’s season and with access to the top designers via his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian West. But I may not have been the only one who has been confused by her very subdued combination of a maxi dress, cardigan and thongs (?!).

Caitlyn Jenner at the Big Brother VIP Hotel.
Camera iconCaitlyn Jenner at the Big Brother VIP Hotel. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHT/Channel 7

We Australians may be known for our laid back lifestyle, but thongs on a red carpet, really? Was no one giving her head, it was red carpet?

The other roommates – or “hotel guests” – reportedly had “no idea” that Caitlyn would join them and were shocked to see her arrive.

Although we were teased over a feud between former Donald Trump employee Omarosa Manigault Newman and Jenner, their first interaction is quite civil, but it does not take long before the sparks explode !.

Caitlyn is called to the diary room and is asked about the former apprentice star and Trump assistant.

“The only person I know but have not met her is Omarosa … she was in the White House for a while and all those people are now working for my campaign and they told me some good stories about her, said Caitlyn.

“They warned me all to be careful … I think she plays the game really well … She can be a back player.”

Later in the episode, Omarosa was asked by her associates about her opinion of Trump, calling the former president “crazy.”

“I want to talk more about it, but he sued me the last time I was on Big Brother and talked about him,” she told her housemates.

And while we were wasting tea, Thomas Markle Jr. poured generously!

Thomas Markle at the Big Brother VIP Hotel.
Camera iconThomas Markle at the Big Brother VIP Hotel. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHT/Channel 7

Meghan’s half-brother, Duchess of Sussex, went into detail about Meghan’s first marriage to filmmaker Trevor Engelson.

“Money changed her, I think … money and fame went really bad in her head,” he said of his famous sister.

“The guy who was married for the first time … this guy just took care of her … she was adored by him …[but] she just walked over to him and dumped him. “

But wait, there’s more …

“After she got married, she sent the ring back by mail, is it cold or what?” he asked his male roommates, who all nod and agree.

“Harry is next, Harry is on the chopping block next.”

Markle also claimed that the prince no longer smiled since marrying his sister.

Meghan Markle and her first husband Trevor Engelson.
Camera iconMeghan Markle and her first husband Trevor Engelson. Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty pictures

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any juicier, Jenner started throwing Kardashian bombs.

After talking about KimYe’s wedding (side note: no major unknown details were revealed), Jenner is asked about his time next to Kris Jenner during the OJ Simpson murder case.

Caitlyn – who at the time was married to Kris Jenner, who was Simpson’s wife’s best friend (are you still with me) – was in the courtroom for much of the Simpson case.

Caitlyn tells the other VIPs that OJ “obviously did it and got away with it”.

The former Olympian claims that Nicole Brown once told Kris that OJ told her he would kill her and “get away with it because I’m OJ Simpson”.

Caitlyn said that right after the acquittal: “Kris turned to me and goes, we should have listened to Nicole”.

Big Brother continues tonight with the VIPs put in the hot seat with their deepest secrets revealed.

Big Brother VIP starts at 19.30 on Channel Seven and 7Plus.


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