Conor, a Gallagher not linked to Manchester, separates City from each other

Liam and Noel Gallagher are famous Manchester By fans, and their last name is often associated with the club for that very reason. When a Gallagher was seen scoring against them over the weekend, then it sat uncomfortable with more than a few fans.

Crystal Palaces Conor Gallagher, on loan from Chelsea, delivered an excellent performance at the Etihad Stadium, leading Patrick Vieira’s side to an unlikely victory with a goal and an assist, against a City that had not conceded a home goal since May.

His fourth loan draw

Gallagher has come through at Chelsea and grew up idolizing Frank Lampardand then get the chance to work under him.

“He was my idol,” Gallagher have said before. “I want to be a goal-scoring midfielder like he was.”

Already this season, with Palace, he has three goals and two assists, which improves his record of two goals and two assists loaned at West Brom last season.

“I could not be happier with my loans,” Gallagher commented. “I’ve made progress, but I still have room for improvement.”

The young person is often compared to Jack Grealish in City, so it was fitting that one of the best performances of his career to date came against the English national team player.

Great praise from big names

“He’s a very energetic player,” Jamie Carragher commented. “He’s a typical midfielder who does a bit of everything. Likewise, he comes into the field and he wants to score goals this season.”

Gary Nevillewho works with Carragher at Sky Sports, came along with his colleague in praising the youngster.

“I like his energy and his commitment when it comes to pushing and winning the ball back,” Neville said.

Gallagher even was happy to receive such brilliant reviews from some big names in football, saying: “I want to know what people say when they talk about me, good or bad, and of course I’m glad it was positive. “

Although the midfielder certainly does not remember much of his coaching career due to his age, he knows how good a player is. Vieira was. Returns the compliments, the Arsenal icon and Palace boss talked about his happiness in training the young man.

“He works hard every day,” Vieira said. “He’s a player who wants to develop and he’s a pleasure to have.

“We really enjoy working with him. He always has a big smile on his face.”


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