‘I’m ready to go’: Toronto woman makes paper poppies to support veterans

TORONTO – In a home decorated with bright paper poppies, you will find their creator hard at work, in the middle of a stack of red and black tissue paper.

“I was just thinking, you know, my dad would really love this if he was here,” said Margot Rockett, who decided to make poppies in his honor and for all those who have served.

“I just think there’s an opening for a poppy on a door, like a wreath. I think it’s a really good visual symbol that this household, this family, these people, recognize, you know, veterans and supporters poppy funds. “

The Beach native says she started making these homemade poppies last fall because COVID-19 kept people indoors.

“I read news reports that the poppy campaign would love funds because of COVID.”

The 57-year-old’s father, Lloyd, was a veteran who spent the last years of his life at the Sunnybrook Veterans Center.

“My dad got the best possible care, and I felt like you know the Poppy Foundation supports long-term care facilities like Sunnybrook, but they also support home care,” Rockett said.


Rockett charges $ 10 for each large poppy and $ 4 for their smaller counterparts, and all proceeds go to the Poppy Fund.

“I raised almost $ 800 last year, so I hope to surpass that this year.”

Last fall, Rockett says she was up some nights until 6 p.m. 02.00 and tried to get orders completed. But here in November, she needs help.

“I have a great support system. I have friends, neighbors, family who all want to help me make the poppy. So if there is a huge demand, I have a team I am ready to go to.”

If you live in Toronto and want a door poppy, you can text: 647-208-5388 to place your order. Rockett says she and / or one of her friends will even deliver if you live in the East End.


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