Jessica Simpson celebrates four years of sobriety with an unrecognizable setback

Jessica Simpson celebrating a major milestone.

The singer and entrepreneur on Monday shared a recurring image by himself on Instagram to mark four years of being sober.

“This person early in the morning of November 1, 2017 is an unrecognizable version of myself. I had so much self-discovery to unlock and explore. I knew that at this very moment I would allow myself to take my light back, show victory over my inner struggle for self-respect, and brave this world with penetrating clarity, “she wrote. “Personally, I had to stop drinking alcohol because it made my mind and my heart circulate in the same direction, and quite frankly, I was exhausted.

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Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has celebrated four years of sobriety by sharing this photo of herself from 2017. (Instagram)

“I wanted to feel the pain so I could carry it as a sign of honor. I wanted to live as a leader does and break cycles to move forward – I never look back with regret and remorse over any choice I have made and would make. for the rest of my time here in this beautiful world. “

“I can not believe it is 4 years ago!” she added. “It feels like maybe 2. I think that’s a good thing. Ha.

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Simpson, who last year blew a lucrative multimedia agreement with Amazon Studios, added that she has come to a place where she is “wildly honest and comfortably open.”

“There is so much stigma around the word alcoholism or the etiquette of an alcoholic,” she said. “The real work to be done in my life was actually to accept failure, pain, breakup and self-sabotage. Drinking was not the problem. It was me. I did not love myself. I did not respect my own power. Today I do that.

“I’ve done nicely with the fear, and I’ve accepted the parts of my life that are just sad. I possess my personal power with soulful courage. I’m wildly honest and pleasantly open.”

She added: “I’m free.”

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Simpson first spoke of his sobriety in his memoirs, Open book, but also revealed on Kelly Clarkson Show the reason she has not had a drink since 2017 was because of her oldest children, daughter Maxwell, seven, and son Ace, six.

“I was in a place where I was literally spiraling with alcohol, and I was missing moments with my kids,” Simpson told the audience.

“I just wanted to be present and have clarity and be a good role model for my kids,” she continued. “It got to the point where my whole life has escalated and I couldn’t suppress it. And alcohol, it didn’t work. It made me check out.”

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