Judge puts Chicago police vaccine claims on hold

Chicago’s vaccination policy remains in effect otherwise, Judge Raymond Mitchell said in his order, including “the reporting and testing obligations.”

The ruling relates to a lawsuit filed by the local fraternal police lodge, saying that negotiations on the CPD’s Covid-19 policy were underway when the city “implemented their unilateral changes” to the policy, while “there were several issues of collective bargaining that remained unresolved at the negotiating table, “CNN reported at the time.

Mitchell wrote in his order that although the case is based on “two competing public interests”, they are not “completely incompatible”. He noted that Chicago City wants to “protect the health of its employees” and says he “does not accept that police associations’ complaints and alternative proposals are anything more than an attempt to protect their members.”

“I am convinced that police unions have shown a need for temporary injunctions regarding the vaccination requirement on December 31, 2021,” Mitchell said.

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Police Inspector David Brown said 73% of the department has entered their information into the city’s vaccine portal, which reveals vaccination status.

Of those in the portal, more than 80% of officers report being vaccinated, according to Brown.

There are 35 officers on no-pay status, the superintendent said.

“We continue to urge our department members to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This is about officer safety, as we have said repeatedly, and it is about protecting our families and the people we serve,” Brown said.

On the judge’s decision, Brown said: “We are continuing with our protocol to get officers into the portal and to ensure that if they are not vaccinated, we make the case that vaccination saves lives and / or tests twice a week.”

A status hearing in the case is scheduled for November 10 at. 13 CT.

CNN has contacted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office and the FOP president for a comment, but did not immediately respond.


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