Lanz Priestley, Martin Place ‘mayor’ and homelessness activist, dies

Lanz Priestley, a social activist known as “the mayor of Martin Place”, has died after suffering a brain haemorrhage last month.

He was known as the leader of the “tent city” in Sydney’s Martin Place in 2017 when he and dozens of other homeless people were thrown out of the place.

“Mayor of Martin Place” Lanz Priestley (center) died after suffering a brain haemorrhageCredit:Wolter Peeters

Sir. Priestley helped set up Sydney’s 24-7 Street Kitchen and Safe Space on Martin Place, where he served meals and made room for the bad guys.

His death was announced by the family on Facebook Tuesday morning, in which Mr Priestley is remembered as a “selfless being”.

“His work has helped, inspired and united so many people around the world,” the statement said.

“Nothing defined how hard he worked. Although it’s time for Lanz to finally rest, his contribution will continue to live on.”

His family says a memorial to Mr Priestley will be held at Martin Place.

Last month, friend Freya Strom said Mr Priestley had been taken to hospital in Lismore after suffering a brain haemorrhage.

“The plan is to keep him stable and transferred to another hospital for surgery tomorrow,” she said on Facebook at the time.

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