‘Ode to Greggs’ roll sausage pie is available and you can try it at Ancoat’s pop-up market

A bakery takes traditional meat baked goods a step further and combines two classics as an ‘ode to Greggs’ with their latest invention – a roll sausage pie.

Created by Potter’s Pies, the creation is packed full of steak and gravy before being topped with pastry-wrapped sausage rolls, which are then encased in the flaking pastry lid.

Launched back in August at Ancoat’s Pop-Up Market on Radium Street, the venue has quickly become a fixture ever since, often teasing their impressive creations on Instagram for potential customers to drool over.

Potter’s Pies explained their inspiration behind the dish and said on their Instagram: “King of the Steak Bake and the Sausage Roll, I have combined the two into one pie to pay tribute to Greggs and all that they have done for hangovers over the years.

“It was touch and go if it would work at all, but after rolling out sausage rolls and washing them in place on top of the steak – I knew it would be a winner!”

The post attracted over 200 likes, with people claiming the cake was ‘a game changer’.

A user tagged a friend and said “Get me one of these tomorrow and I’ll hug you forever”.

Another pleaded: “Take. Min. Money.”

A third took it even further by simply typing: ‘* licks the screen *’.

Potter’s Pies is run by a mother and son duo who regularly participate in the market, as well as selling their products to a number of local pubs and bars in the Manchester area.

In a statement on their Instagram, they said: “We are a mother and son pie duo with three generations and a combined 60 years of experience in making the best bloody pies you will ever taste.

“By using only the freshest and best ingredients, with recipes that have gone through the family – we also like to put a special Potter trip on many of your favorites.”

They recently added a plant-based twist to the sausage pie (Photo: Instagram / Potter's Pies)
They recently added a plant-based twist to the sausage pie (Photo: Instagram / Potter’s Pies)

The menu offers classic offerings such as cheese and onion pie, a corned beef hash pie, pulled pork sausage rolls and many more, as well as new seasonal specialties and inventive combinations, such as’ chippy sausage with salt and vinegar leftovers, or bacon, mac and blue cheese pie.

They recently added a plant-based twist on the sausage roll pie so vegetables can also get involved, using a beef alternative and vegan sausages for the filling.

For more information on Potter’s Pies, follow their Instagram here or catch them at Ancoat’s Pop-Up Market on Radium Street.


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