Ohio police discover sewing needles inside Halloween candy

Ohio police are warning parents that sewing needles were found inside Halloween candy that was handed out over the weekend to trick-or-treaters.

The horrific find was made in two pieces of candy that were distributed in the town of Fostoria on Saturday, police said.

“Although we are only aware that 2 pieces of candy are involved, we take this seriously and are appalled that anyone would be so demented that they would hurt children in our community,” Police Chief Keith Loreno said in a statement.

It is unclear who was behind the manipulated treats.

Police said parents can bring their children’s candy to X-ray scans at ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital.

A wrapped mini Kit Kat bar with a sewing needle that protrudes visibly from the packaging.
Anyone with information on who may have tampered with sweets is encouraged to speak to law enforcement.
Fostoria police department

“Both Fostoria Police and ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital feel it is best to take all reasonable measures to keep our children safe and help parents make an informed decision with all the candy their children have received,” police said.

Police want anyone with information on who may be involved in the peeled candy to contact authorities.


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