Police promise to find thugs who threw bricks and fireworks at officers and attacked homes in Halloween chaos

Police have promised to track down the young vandals who threw fireworks and bricks at uniformed officers and firefighters during a chaotic Halloween night in Stockport.

The gang of thugs, described by a resident as ’25 young people ‘, damaged houses on Northumberland Road in Brinnington around 8.20pm last night (October 31) and threw objects at homeowners.

When police officers and firefighters arrived at the scene, the youths turned on them and threw various items, including bricks and fireworks.

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Police have now issued a dispersal notice, which means they can move all groups of people gathered in the area for the next 48 hours.

Houses and vehicles were damaged during the night with chaos, but fortunately no injuries were reported.

Officers investigating the incident have not yet made any arrests, but Chief Inspector John Webster, from GMP’s Stockport department, promised to find the vandals.

“We will never tolerate any kind of violence against emergency workers and members of the public,” he said.

“The behavior we saw from a select group of young people last night was unforgivable.

“I would like to remind this group that assault on emergency personnel is a criminal offense. We will find those responsible and they will see the consequences of their actions.

Police in the Brinnington Park area after a gang of youths attacked police and residents with fireworks

“We have set up dedicated patrols to target areas of Brinnington ahead of Bonfire Night on Friday and the weekend with the support of our partners to monitor issues.

“We want to encourage parents to be aware of what your children are doing to ensure that they are safe and respect our community.

“And we encourage parents to inform themselves of all the young people involved in this disorder so that we can take robust enforcement action.”

Billy Fenwick, GMFRS Group Manager for Stockport and Tameside, added: “I was shocked to hear that some of my colleagues were attacked over the weekend.

“It is very fortunate that no one was injured during this incident. Firefighters are working hard to keep the public in Greater Manchester safe and they should not be subjected to an attack just to carry out their work.

“I urge the public to continue to support our emergency responders, and please consider that they may also cause fire engines or a firefighter to be out of service. It is also a criminal offense to obstruct emergency personnel when performing their duties.”

Remains of burnt objects in the Brinnington Park area after riot police moved into the area

In a description of the site of the chaos last night, a resident said the group of youths set fire to the middle of the road.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “They have taken my fence and thrown fireworks at my home – to the point where we have had to move the cars from the house.

“The experience was pretty scary to be honest. I was literally talking on the phone and thinking ‘what’s the noise in my garden’?

“Someone took my bins, so I went outside and asked if they would mind bringing them back.

“Of course you’re being flung a bit by abuse, and they threw a firework at my window so you could see the sparks from it.”

The remains of a rubbish bin that was set on fire

Greater Manchester Deputy Mayor for Police, Crime, Criminal Justice and Fire, Bev Hughes, added: “Throwing fireworks at emergency workers who are there to help and protect is absolutely shameful. To endanger the lives of firefighters and members of the public, who were also nearby, beggars believe.I strongly condemn these attacks and hope that last week’s arrests show that those involved will be caught and face the full force of the law.

“Our emergency workers are risking their lives every day to keep the communities of Greater Manchester safe, especially at this busy time of year – they should never be attacked or abused in any way, and it is now a crime to attack an emergency worker.

“Every firefighter, police officer and paramedic is someone’s mother, father, daughter, son who does their job and they deserve the utmost respect for what they do. I encourage people to think carefully about their actions and consider how they would have it if their family member or friend was attacked just for doing their job. “

Anyone with information should contact the police on 101 stating incident 3221 of 31/101/21.

Alternatively, details can be passed on via our online live web chat feature at www.gmp.police.uk.

Reports can also be made anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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