Save 15% on Los Angeles Lakers items at FOCO

Los Angeles Lakers fans would like to take advantage of our exclusive promotional code along with our friends at FOCO this holiday season.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Los Angeles Lakers fan in your life – or if you want to get yourself something delicious – then you’ll have to check out FOCO.

FOCO has been a name in the world of collectibles for a while now and has delivered handmade, hand-painted bobbleheads in limited editions – but they have so much more to offer.

Clothing, accessories, collectibles, footwear, bags, face covers and even rugs.

We want you to check them out this holiday season and we want you to save some money too.

Then use the promotional code FANSIDED15 at checkout to save 15% on your order of $ 50 or more.


FOCO has everything real fans need. Are you looking for a bubblehead? You are sure to find plenty across all the major sports leagues. Or maybe the cold is driving everyone crazy? Check out their extensive catalog of loungewear, which includes pajamas / sleepwear, hoodies, the blanket / hoodie combination known as Hoodeez and sherpa rugs.

When it comes to customer service, you have nothing to worry about. If you get something that is not satisfactory, the team at FOCO will be happy to help you.

And lo and behold, we know you’ll be waiting too long to do your holiday shopping. We understand that. Life is busy … plus the game is in progress … and it’s cold outside. No problems. We feel your pain.

But be aware that delays in the broadcast are expected at this time of year. So FOCO’s standard delivery is usually 3-7 working days, but it can easily turn into 10+ depending on where you live.

So do not worry about going to the mall. Just sit back, relax and get your shopping done at FOCO now so you do not have to stress over it on December 1st or December 10th or December 24th.

Don’t forget to use our exclusive promotional code FANSIDED15 for 15% off orders of $ 50 or more at checkout.

Happy Holidays, FanSiders!

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