The cheapest copies of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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Before Pokemon lets us venture into the unexplored past with the future Pokemon Legends: Arceus, we first get to explore something a little more familiar. Released later this month, Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl are the latest Pokemon the series’ remakes and is based on the 2006 Nintendo DS games, Diamond and Pearl.

Set in the Sinnoh region if you have played any Pokemon games before, you know what to expect. As usual, choose a starter Pokémon before starting your journey through the region, where you will catch and train more Pokemon, collect Gym badges, thwart the plans of the malicious Team Galactic and finally take on the Elite Four to become the new Pokemon League Champion.

These Diamond and Pearl remakes also include some new features, such as a more dynamic version of Super Contests, along with the return of Underground. The next few months will be a pretty exciting time if you are one Pokemon fan, so here’s how you can get into the excitement while saving yourself a few bucks.

Where can you get Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl for cheap?

pokemon diamond pearl
Photo: The Pokémon Company International

Much like the other cheap Nintendo Switch game deals as we have covered, most Australian dealers offer Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl to $ 69 each. However, this is not the cheapest price available for these remakes. Both Amazon Australia and The fiddlers provides Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl to $ 68 each, where the former also offers free shipping.

EB games offers both games for $ 29 when you swap two selected games, and also includes a randomly assigned Dialga or Palkia character.

Here are all the major retailers that you can get a cheap copy of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl from Australia:

As always, there are certain Pokemon that are exclusively available for each game. So if you want to catch them all, you will have to find someone to trade with or pick up both Diamond and Pearl re-recordings.

If you want to download both versions, Nintendo will also release a package containing a copy of Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl. This double package has a full price of $ 159.95, but it seems that almost all major retailers in Australia sell it for $ 134, so choose for yourself.

Here is everywhere Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl dual pack is for sale in Australia:

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl will be available in Australia on the Nintendo Switch from 19 November.

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