The parental guidance ‘strict’ parents cause outrage with smashing hospitalization

The topic of slapping children caused an “gut reaction” from some of the participants in Channel Nine’s new reality TV show Parental guidance last night.

The show, hosted by Allison Langdon and parenting expert Justin Coulson, looks at different parenting styles adopted by 10 sets of parents and will ultimately decide which style works best.

Andrew and Miriam from Parental Guidance

Andrew and Miriam admitted that they beat their children as a form of punishment. Photo: Channel Nine

Last night’s premiere episode got off to an awkward start among the group after ‘strict’ parents Miriam and Andrew admitted they beat their children as a form of discipline.

“We see a slap as one tool in a parent toolbox, and it’s by no means the first tool to come out of that toolbox,” Miriam said as many of the other parents shook their heads in the background.


The debate immediately turned around, and Donna, who uses the ‘French’ parenting style, said, “You are violating someone else’s body,” and her husband Yann agreed, saying, “It does not suit me.”

Donna went on to say, “It’s a form of abuse. I’m getting a visceral reaction to this.”

Andrew cries at the parents' guidance

Andrew cried as he explained why they were beating their children. Photo: Channel Nine

Andrew of Parental Guidance is crying

Andrew said it is only a tool in their toolbox that they use. Photo: Channel Nine

The spotlight remained fixed on Miriam and Andrew, who tried to explain their rationale behind their parenting choices.

“We make sure that we have reviewed the other different tools and tried different ways, and if there is a situation that has that purpose or defiance, and we feel that in that particular situation that it is the most effective tool, if we ask the child to come for us, we do not chase them around the house, and the bib is delivered to the bottom, ”said Miriam.

‘Attachment’ parents Lara and Andrew were also against the slap, and Lara said her first reaction was that she was “mortified”. “Slapping for us is a no,” Andrew said, while Lara added, “a big fat no.”

Later in the show, the ‘strict’ parent Andrew cried when he explained the slap and said, “I think we need to be really careful when disregarding or judging our parenting style because of a tool used in unusual circumstances. very rarely to bring correction. “

Donna from Parental Guidance

Many of the other parents were outraged. Photo: Channel Nine

Nature parenting style on parenting guidance

The show takes a closer look at the different parenting styles of 10 sets of parents. Photo: Channel Nine

He continued: “We want to be the best parents we can be and we want to love our children and watch them grow. We love all our piles of children and you do not want to do anything as a parent that will give your children baggage. It’s hard to try to get it right and so we do our best. “

Dr. Coulson explained: “The research is really clear that smash does not serve our children well. It does not help them grow or develop.

“In fact, there have been recent studies that have come out about how harshly punitive parenting – including smacking – is associated with reduced brain size in children.

“It’s hard to say in a room like this, but it has to be said. There is just no evidence to support smacking as a useful parenting tool. It’s someone who needs to get out of the toolbox. “

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